Wednesday, November 27, 2013

That means Dream Builder

Dream with Mason warns us that it is time to put aside the planning of our projects and get to work on them with strength and courage, putting stone by stone with perseverance and good humor.

Dreaming of a mason, or a group of them , is a symbol of pain or fatigue , loss or illness.
Their courage and determination will ensure the realization of their projects. Success close , intimate and family happiness.

Dreaming is a mason and that builds something with your own hands is an omen of wealth and rapid change.

Sleep means a peaceful, fair man who likes harmony and real and sincere meeting among men.
Depending on the type of construction in the dream and the meaning varies ; dream that large buildings or works is a sign of major projects in everyday life are constructed.

If they are built in the dream homes or small works can be a revelation of losses , discomfort and illness in friends and family.

If during sleep, a mason who built a tomb often indicates a true and eternal love is .

View a mason dreams usually means unity, understanding and mutual aid.

If a mason who builds a church or build an altar is usually a bad omen indicating serious danger to the dreamer is .

When a mason house collapses in dreams , is an omen of false commitments .

The figure of a mason is assimilated to achieve some goal.
Interest in rebuilding facets of our lives that we consider are pending or incomplete .

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